Foster Family/ Kin Care

In 1916 the Catholic Children's Bureau was established and staffed by Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Trinity, early Catholic pioneers in social work. Their work continues today through the dedicated efforts of the Child Care and Adoption Services staff. At-risk children referred by the Department of Human Services are placed with foster families after extensive interviews and home studies by social workers to assure they are qualified and well prepared for the responsibility of foster care. The agency provides support, training, ongoing family visitation, and referral to community services. A team-based case management approach assesses the continued appropriateness of temporary placements, and explores options for permanency through return to family of origin, placement with kin, or adoption.

Adoption Services

Adoption services staff assist those seeking to adopt foster children, or newborns and infants, as well as birth parents looking to place a child for adoption. Both birth parent(s) and adoptive parents are counseled to help them make informed decisions for the best interests of the child in their care. Families interested in adopting a child are guided through a comprehensive home study evaluation and once accepted into the program are offered group educational sessions. Children become available for adoptive placement through referrals within the agency or through the agency's participation in national and international adoption exchange programs. There is no charge for services to birth parents, and adoptive parents pay reasonable fees as services are delivered. For more information, click here to go to the Adoption Services page of this website.

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