Community Living Arrangements (CLA's)

Divine Providence Village also operates eight Community Living Arrangements (CLA), each of which serves developmentally disabled adults living in a private home setting within the community.

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Life Sharing Through Family Living

Life Sharing Through Family Living is a family based residential model providing long-term personal care and individual training to 50 mentally retarded persons of all ages and functional levels. Clients come from private licensed facilities, community living arrangements, the community and other congregate care facilities.

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In-Home Support

This program offers support and access to services for persons with developmental disabilities who are living in the community. It is funded by the state and local offices for Developmental Programs.

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Community Outreach Programs (COPE)

The Community Outreach Program is headquartered at the Don Guanella Village complex in Springfield, PA, and provides recreational, social and spiritual enrichment programming for adults with mental retardation who live at home or in community settings. The COP group has about 100 members, of whom 50 are regular participants.

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