Don Guanella Village

Don Guanella Village is a large campus located in Springfield, Delaware County that is home to the Don Guanella School for teenage boys with developmental delays, and the Cardinal Krol Center for developmentally disabled adult men. The Village is also home to the Work Activity Center and Adult Training Facility, which serve both men and women.

The Don Guanella School

The Don Guanella School was established by the Servants of Charity in 1960 as a residential education program for boys and young men with mental retardation. The Servants of Charity, like the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, are members of the Guanellian family of caregivers dedicated to serving men and women with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Today, Don Guanella School provides residential and rehabilitative services for 32 mentally retarded/developmentally disabled boys between the ages of 6 and 21 years of age, who live in medium-sized cottages on the Springfield campus. The program includes basic educational services for provided on site under the direction of the Intermediate Unit of Delaware County. Don Guanella School offers occupational and speech therapy, prevocational vocational training, and work-study programs as part of a comprehensive educational and rehabilitative environment.

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Cardinal Krol Center

In 1976, the Cardinal Krol Center opened on the Don Guanella Village campus to care for adult men with developmental disabilities. The Cardinal Krol Center provides residential and rehabilitative services for 131 developmentally disabled adult men over the age of 21. Some residents participate in the Community Employment Program administered by Divine Providence Village, which offers job coaching and placement in volunteer or paid positions in the local community. Others have small jobs within the residence, or are engaged in day programs within the Work Activity Center or Adult Training Facility according to their level of cognitive and manual ability. Speech and occupational therapy and psychological services are provided on site, and daily living programs reinforce social, physical, recreational and personal hygiene skills. Residents enjoy recreational and athletic activities, monthly dances with women from Divine Providence Village, and daily religious services such as praying rosary and attending mass in the campus chapel.

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