St. Gabriel's System

The St. Gabriel's System is a multi-service agency of the Archdiocese under the continuing inspirational influence of the De LaSalle Christian Brothers that provides residential and community-based services for court adjudicated delinquent youth between the ages of 10 and 19 years old. The St. Gabriel's System represents a long-standing relationship with Philadelphia's Department of Human Services, the Family Court, Philadelphia Community Behavioral Health, and state educational entities. The system offers two residential programs, three intensive day treatment programs, and reintegration services. St. Gabriel's System has served at-risk youth for over 100 years, preparing young people with the competencies, attitudes and confidence needed to become responsible, productive members of the community.

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St. Gabriel's Hall

Saint Gabriel's Hall is a residential program for young men ages 10 to 18 adjudicated by the Philadelphia court system. Established in 1899 as the Philadelphia Protectory for Boys, St. Gabriel's Hall is located on a beautiful campus in Audubon, Montgomery County, and staffed since its beginnings by de La Salle Christian Brothers. Together with dedicated lay people inspired by the LaSallian mission, they provide a structured setting where 200 youth receive transformative therapeutic and educational support. Saint Gabriel's Hall boasts an eight to one student-to-staff ratio that allows personalized attention for students to earn a high school diploma, prepare for the GED, and receive job placement assistance. Residential treatment employs a team approach to rehabilitation with educators, child care workers, social workers, psychologists and counselors working together to provide an individualized treatment plan for each client in care. Average length of stay is the majority of an academic year, but the program runs year-round to accommodate rolling admissions.

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The Mitchell Program is associated with the Hall, and provides intensive, 120-day residential treatment organized around daily operation of a working farm. For more information on St. Gabriels System, please visit

De LaSalle Vocational

De LaSalle Vocational is a day treatment center of the St. Gabriel's System located in Bensalem, Bucks County. Educational, vocational and behavioral support services are offered to court-adjudicated youth. The program educates 100 young men each year in academics as well as Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, and Culinary Arts, with excellent job placement assistance.

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De LaSalle In Towne

De LaSalle in Towne is a day treatment center located in downtown Philadelphia at 25 South Van Pelt Street, near Rittenhouse Square. The program offers individualized education, social services, recreational activities, and transition assistance to other schools or job placement for 85 adolescent boys referred by the juvenile court system.

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Brother Rousseau Academy

The Brother Rousseau Academy is an early intervention, school-based program for pre-adolescent boys and girls who are involved with family court. Located in Southwest Philadelphia, the program offers education, life skills training, community service opportunities, recreational activities, and partnership mentoring.

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Reintegration Services

Reintegration Services is an intensive case management program for court-adjudicated young men from Philadelphia. The program facilitates ongoing treatment and support for 150 youth annually who have been discharged from St. Gabriel's Hall and are returning to their own homes or other residences in the community.

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Community-based Services

DelStar Program: out-patient counseling to adolescent sex offenders.

"A Better Way": after-school conflict/anger management skills training.